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Blue Screen in Photography

May 19th, 2010

Green Screens and Blue Screen

Green Screen technique mostly used in the photography. Green Screen (Chromakey) is the technique for composing two images in which a color from one image is removed and revealing another image behind it. Commonly its also called as the Green Screen and Blue Screen

Why Green and Blue Colors Only ?

Usually blue and Green colors are used for this technique because these colors are considered to be the furthest away from skin tone and is also called as the Chromakey

The main and very important for setting blue screen or green screen is lighting and shadow. you must have to focus on the shadow. Variety of software are used for the this process. but one of the importnat software is 123 Video Magic Software

The following are the some useful advantages of Green Screen

(1) No Need of Software like PhotoShop: Using Green Screens their is no any requirements for the any software like Photoshop  etc.

(2) Used in Cinema / Hollywood: Greens Screens are mostly used in Cinemas and film industry and specially professional photographer always need Green Screens and using widely.

(3) Save Timings: Green Screen always save timing for the mixing, editing etc

(4) Amazing Results: With Green screens you can found amazing results like photo can be easily changed, background of photo can easily changed

(5) Removing Chromakey: It can easily remove chomakey for both images and videos

(6) Use any Photo: With this you can use any photo with your photo. For example you can use mountain views or Magazine Cover   Background behind your photo

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